Wild Frangipani Essential Oil

Wild Frangipani

Wild Frangipani is just like it sounds, a bouquet recreating the scent of one of the most beautiful flowering trees.

A touch of tropical and summer is combined through this beautiful blend.

All grown here right in Australia and made to produce this blend.

Wild Frangipani Essential Oil

  • Tamar Valley Candle Company – Essential Oil Blends

    Our Essential Oil blends are 100% natural, made from nature. They are vegan, non-toxic, and completely free of any nasties and come in a 10ml Bottle.

    Available in all range of signature blends, you will find one to suit any time of day and any mood.

    Add 6 drops to an ultrasonic diffuser or 4-5 drops with water to a traditional oil burner.

    The strength and purity of our oils present excellent value for money and you will instantly notice how beautiful they make your home or office smell.


    Warning: Do not ingest.