Fresh Start Essential Oil

Fresh Start

Blended with the intention of clearing and cleansing and allowing your mind, body, and soul to function at its best.

White sage oil, eucalyptus and lavender are combined to allow the cleansing to begin.

This oil blend was inspired by a organic smudge sage stick without the all the smoke.

Fresh Start Essential Oil

  • Tamar Valley Candle Company – Essential Oil Blends

    Our Essential Oil blends are 100% natural, made from nature. They are vegan, non-toxic, and completely free of any nasties and come in a 10ml Bottle.

    Available in all range of signature blends, you will find one to suit any time of day and any mood.

    Add 6 drops to an ultrasonic diffuser or 4-5 drops with water to a traditional oil burner.

    The strength and purity of our oils present excellent value for money and you will instantly notice how beautiful they make your home or office smell.


    Warning: Do not ingest.